Current Protection Management Agency Total Area
Proposed Wilderness U. S. Forest Service 43,000 Acres

Madison, Henrys Lake and Gallatin Mountain Geographic Area

The 43,000 acre Lionhead Roadless area includes 18 miles of the Continental Divide Trail and lies to the west of Hebgen Lake. There are a number of alpine lakes, dramatic cirques, and many open meadow areas. The area is a critical corridor that links the Yellowstone Park area to the Lee Metcalf Wilderness and ranges to the West like the Centennials and Gravelly Range. The CGNF has recommended nearly 18,000 acres as wilderness, though their 1986 Forest Plan had recommended 22,000 acres for wilderness. They should be commended for including the Lionhead, but the recommended wilderness should be enlarged to include most of the 32,000-acre roadless area.